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InfoCenter Specifications:

bulletDirect call transfer: allows callers to talk directly with staff members or subscriber businesses.
bulletStaff is always available: press '0" during business hours.
bulletMulti-message structure: powerful design provides info fast!
bulletAuto message rotation: gives each subscriber equal time.
bulletMessages grouped by type: for fast access to information desired.
bulletEasy message recording: each subscriber can change messages anytime, using a touch-tone telephone.
bulletSupports two to forty-eight lines: InfoCenter Systems technical staff coordinates all installation details with your phone company.
bulletUses standard telephone lines: Supports '1-800' callers. No exotic wiring to contend with. Expands in two line increment.
bulletMulti-lingual or multi-regional: supports seven different regions or languages!
bulletHundreds of subscribers: recommended maximum is 500 subscribers per language or region, for a total of 3,500!
bulletVoice mail services: records caller requests for Visitor Guides, Relocation Guides, Event RSVP's, etc.
bulletOptional web page services: advertise your members on the World Wide Web InfoCenter. (Under development.)



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